Water jet cutting means  high precision and clean cutting results.  The shape to be cut is completely free.

Abrasive water jet cutting  is suitable not only for the cutting of metals such as steel and aluminum, but also thick plastic, rubber sheets and plywood. Stone and ceramic materials also cut well, just like brass and copper, which are usually challenging for lasers.

Jetmasters is one of the pioneers in industrial water jet cutting in Finland – experience in cutting water products for the most varied products is already over 20 years.


Jetmasters’ Aliko water jet cutting machine has a total of 4 abrasive blades and 90 kW high pressure intensifier power. At the same time, several items can be cut.   The length of the table is 3 meters.

In addition to the 20 years of water cutting experience and versatile technology expertise, we have excellent, well-established supplier relationships that ensure abrasive material deliveries at all times.

Video below: Water jet cutting of steel