Laser is suitable for cutting steel, stainless steels and aluminum. Laser cutting delivers precise  trace, because the laser beam produced is very narrow.
Optimal laser cutting strengths for different metal sheets are:

  • structural steels 20mm
  • stainless steels 10mm
  • aluminum 6mm

For heavy materials, water cutting is recommended.

Our laser cutting machine is Trumpf RotoLas 3030 with TLF Turbo pallet changer. The maximum working area for the machine is 1500 × 3000mm.
The laser machine is programmed with Nestix Cutting software, which in turn is part of the Nestix 2G4 ERP system.
Next to Trumpf we have a Kasto Unitower sheet storage system.  The  sort changes are therefore fast and the sheets  remain scratch-free.

Jetmasters is a fast and inexpensive cutting partner for RST and aluminum parts. Deliveries in up to two weeks.

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